Guardian Financial has 20+ years of experience and financial management. It is our sincere belief that given the proper education, everyone can experience financial peace. If we are able to help investors in any way, then the time and energy spent in this endeavor is well spent. 

I was born and raised in Kansas where I graduated from Kansas State University, and it is also where I met my beautiful wife. I took my first financial job in Wichita Kansas in the summer of 1995. After 5 years of working 80+ hours a week, I left the corporate world to open my own business. It was through this choice that I was able to truly begin offering clients what was best for them rather than what benefited the “mother ship” most. Now, years later I have two wonderful boys with my wife, and I have the immense pleasure of pursuing my passion by teaching investors the truth about finances. 

Our mission is to spread the truth about finances to as many investors as possible.

We want you to be secure in the knowledge that we are here to serve your best interests with truth and integrity. As such, we are a member of the National Ethics Association.


American Investor Concerns

  • 68% Having Enough Money For Retirement

  • 58% Having Enough For Serious Illness Or Accident

  • 52% Having A Lowered Standard Of Living

  • 46% Having Enough For Normal Medical Expenses

  • 42% Having Enough To Pay Off Debt

Americans’ Top Financial Concerns for 50-64 year old people according to 2014 Gallup poll




Guardian Financial is dedicated to teaching and empowering every investor. Financial success is an attainable goal for everyone.



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