Are You Friendly, Serious About Money, and Coachable?



First of all, I am an Investment Advisor Represenstative which means that I am legally required to provide the best options for my clients. I must meet this standard. Second, we provide each client with an in depth look at their assets to be sure that everything is set up to meet their individual goals. Furthermore, we want to be sure that each client is truly educated on financial management so that they understand why we do what we do, and don’t fall into the emotional traps propagated by the media. Ultimately, we want to provide our clients with a holistic plan so that they feel confident and prepared for their retirement.


While each client is unique, there are certain traits that we look for:

  • Super friendly
  • Serious about their money
  • Truly coach-able

Additionally, our typical client fall into the following categories:

  • Clients are typically retired or within 10 years of retirement
  • Clients are more focused on long term asset management goals, rather than focusing on short term trading that doesn’t work.
  • Clients are typically conservative investors that want safety within their investment planning rather than taking unnecessary risks.
  • Clients do not pay heed to the hype and horror of the media by allowing the ups and downs of the market to affect their long term plans.
  • Clients are typically successful, focused on their families, as well as active in their communities, and understand their true purpose for money (that which is more important than money itself).


Each client goes through our step by step educational process. We want to be sure that you understand what is happening with your money, and are empowered to make the right decisions for you.

  • We begin by truly getting to know our clients. We want to be able to understand your goals, fears, strengths, and challenges in or to help you make the right decisions for you.
  • Clients will gain access to the latest technology which allows them to view all of their assets and important documents in one safe location 24/7.
  • Each client will receive their customized financial plan.
  • In addition, clients will continue to receive valuable educational content so that they can remain empowered.


For decades Financial Advisors have been stuck in the mold of spending every minute of everyday inside of meetings or on the phone. However, this prevents them from being able to focus on financial planning, and staying up to date with the latest academic information. As such, my goal is to provide you with more education and services by utilizing technology. Consequently, my preferred method of communication is through email. With email I am able to quickly and clearly answer client questions, as well as continue to send out up to date educational resources.

Additionally, we visit with our clients twice a year. This is on top of the unlimited email support we provide all year long. Furthermore, we provide four quarterly coaching sessions each year in our continued effort to keep our clients educated and empowered.

While many of our clients are located locally in Arkansas, we continue to work with many clients across the country. In this situation we utilize web conferencing, phone calls, and emails to stay connected.

At Guardian Financial we have an excellent support staff that is here to help you anytime you need it. All phone calls received will be handled directly by them. Consequently, if you are the type of person that wants to frequently talk over the phone then we most likely aren’t the right fit for you. In my experience, unscheduled phone calls that don’t have a clear purpose tend to waste time and detract from the quality of service I am able to provide. In contrast, a scheduled phone conference with a clear goal is incredibly beneficial and efficient.


We always strive to keep costs as low as possible so that clients can receive as much return for their investment as possible. Moreover, it is crucial to be sure that are clients are protects from theft and fraud. Therefore, we NEVER take custody of a clients assets as all accounts are managed through an independent custodian. Most of our clients assets are held with either TD Ameritrade or Charles Schwab, although we have the ability to work with others if needed.



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