Best Guide: Working in Coffee Shops

Working from home sounds great in theory but if you’ve ever tried to actually literally work out of a room in your home, you’ll likely have found that it’s all too easy to get distracted and that it quickly leads to symptoms of cabin fever as you get restless and struggle to switch off when you come home in the evenings.

You don’t have to go travelling and become a ‘digital nomad’ though – there is a happy medium. Instead, why not explore your local area and work in coffee shops where you can enjoy a relaxed vibe and meet people, while at the same time having all the facilities you need to be productive?

If you plan on giving it a shot, read on for some tips on how to make the most of it…

The Ideal Coffee Shop

When looking for a place to work, you need to look for a few different factors. The most important things that your coffee shop will need are:

* Comfortable seating
* A power socket
* WiFi
* A relatively quiet atmosphere

In terms of a ‘quiet atmosphere’, you either want to work somewhere that is very quiet or somewhere that is very noisy. If there are a lot of people chatting, you’ll find it all blends into one general noise. If you work somewhere that’s only ‘quite’ quiet though, you risk sitting near people having a discussion that you can overhear – which is the most distracting of all.

Tips for Getting More From the Location

To get the most from the coffee shop, you need to ensure that you bring headphones. This way, if a couple do start having a break up right next to you, you can pop those on and stop listening to what’s going on around you.

Another tip is to make sure you have a good computer set-up. A good choice is to get a tablet and a keyboard – this way you can angle the screen however you like and not be restricted with how you type. The outcome will be that you can more effectively avoid glare on your screen.

If you are going to be visiting coffee shops regularly, then it’s definitely worth getting the respective loyalty cards to save money. Make sure that you choose a beverage that won’t lead to you putting on a lot of weight too! A white Americano is a good choice because it has few calories.

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